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File extension PSF is most commonly associated with an Adobe Photoshop Proof Setup file, and is used to store colour settings which are used to provide an accurate preview of how an image will look once printed. The PSF file extension is also used by the proprietary image format used by ArcSoft PhotoStudio. Though less common, the PSF file extension may refer to an output file from the SPI Proxy server application, which is used to store traffic details and activity logs, or a Chiwriter PostScript font. However, the latter is particularly uncommon as development and support for the application ceased in 1995.

Adobe Photoshop PSF files are used to provide colour calibration, giving designers an accurate preview of how an image will look once printed on screen. This is important, particularly when designing for print, as even with a properly calibrated screen images can look significantly different than they do once printed. PSF files can be used in Adobe Photoshop by going to the View menu, then Proof Setup and finally Custom, where the file itself can be loaded.

PSF files may also be ArcSoft PhotoStudio images, which are a proprietary format with support for layering similar to Adobe Photoshop PSD files or Corel Paint Shop Pro PSP files.

Adobe Proof Setup PSF files can only be opened using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements on Windows or Mac. PSF files which are images are a proprietary format developed by ArcSoft, and can only be opened using PhotoStudio or PhotoImpression. Output files from the SPI Proxy application are also stored as a proprietary format, and can only be opened using SPI Dynamics WebInspect Toolkit. No PSF files contain human-readable content, so should not be opened with a text editor as any modifications could render the file unusable by the original application.

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